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Home - Our homepage with an introduction to our site and our children's books.
About Gazi - All about Gazi; how we got started and the people involved.
The Author - About Teresa Giammarino, the children's author of the Gazi books.
The Books - Information on our children's books written by Teresa Giammarino.
Writing Tips - Writing tips shared by Teresa Giammarino for novices.
The Artist - About the uk illustrator of our children's books, Jez Cuer.

Marie's Page - Gazi is Marie's brainchild and site designer; find out all about her.
Juliet's Page - Page all about the Siamese cat featured in our Gazi books.
Questions - Teresa's favourite questions from her readers.
The Pdsa - About the uk veterinary charity who receive all the Gazi book profits.
Whats New - Latest news on our website developments and upcoming books.
Fun Page - This page will entertain children or even adults with javascript tricks.

Web Design - Technical details of our web pages; more on Marie's web services.
Contact Us - How to contact us, submit your comments or join our emailing list.
Links - Links to our recommended website.
Postcards - Send our Gazi virtual greeting cards to your family and friends. Guestbook - Sign or view our Gazi guestbook; visiting felines are also welcome.
Win Award - Criteria for our Gazi award for website excellence; how to apply.

Award Form - Put your website to the test and submit your site for our award.
Gazi Award Winners - Links to superior sites that have won our award.
Site Map - Site map with page descriptions; you are currently viewing this page.
Book Shop - Gazi's online shop where you can buy our books via a secure server.
Mail Order - How UK customers can order books through conventional mail order.
Terms & Conditions - Gazi's terms and conditions of purchase and privacy policy.

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