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About Gazi...

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Gazi is the website of Teresa Giammarino, children's fiction writer. This name was chosen because Teresa's grandchildren called her Gazi when they were too little to pronounce the word grandmother. Teresa is still called Gazi by her grandchildren and it was decided by the whole family that this name should be used for Teresa's website.

Gazi is also the brainchild of Teresa's eldest daughter, Marie. Teresa always enjoyed writing children's fiction in her spare time for her grandchildren. Marie, a website developer encouraged Teresa to publish her books and to also have her own website for the books. She designed this whole site from start to finish even providing all the images and content. Marie also had the support of two talented feline authors, Spock and Dracs from Catsup who also self published their books. Spock and Dracs generously guided Marie throughout the whole book publishing process providing their experienced help at all times.

This project has also brought together people from all parts of the world. Gazi's talented book illustrator, Jez Cuer lives in Leicester, UK. Marie also resides in the United Kingdom where she did all the hard work to get the books published and the website running. Spock and Dracs from Catsup who provided endless support and encouragement with the whole Gazi project are based in the north of England. Gazi's talented postcard artist, Lilly Antoneavic lives in Australia. Teresa and the rest of her family are based in the United States. It was a meeting of hearts and minds across the oceans with a little help from modern technology.

The Sirena from children's book, Captain Juliet

The main purpose of Gazi is to sell and promote Teresa's books, "Captian Juliet" and "The Diamond Thief". The books are well written, heart-warming and imaginative and are for young readers from five years old and upward. They are also books that the whole family will enjoy. To read a few excerpts from the books before making up your mind, visit the books page.

Gazi is not only for Teresa's children's books. It is a site for all children and those that love them. Teresa wanted a website for the whole family to visit and enjoy. Family and close friends have always been very important to Teresa.

Gazi has diversified and evolved quite a bit since we first started building this website. Our pages are constantly updated so please don't forget to bookmark us so that you can visit Gazi again. We hope that you find our site interesting, but more importantly we want you to enjoy your visit!

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