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Gorgeous Juliet, Teresa's Siamese cat as a kitten  Juliet as a kitten lounging on the sofa

Juliet's Page...

Teresa's Granddaughter enjoying the company of Juliet, the Siamese Cat

Juliet is Teresa's real life Siamese cat and our international star featuring in both Teresa's books, Captain Juliet and The Diamond Thief. She is a blue point Siamese with a dark creamy coat colour, blue tips on her face, ears, tail and paws and the bluest eyes you've ever seen. We all felt that this site would not be complete without Juliet's own page. After all, Juliet is the inspiration behind Teresa's books.

Juliet was born in October 1998 and first arrived to Teresa's home as a tiny kitten just before Christmas 98. Juliet was Teresa's Christmas gift and quickly captured the whole family's hearts firmly becoming a member of the Giammarino family.

In the early days, Juliet was not a confident kitten and used to hide under a rocking chair in the family room. Juliet didn't just hide under the chair; she crawled into a hole under the chair so no one could find her. Teresa came home one day and couldn't find Juliet anywhere. She frantically searched for hours for Juliet calling her name. Finally, Juliet's hiding place was discovered much to Teresa's relief. Juliet didn't want to make it too easy for her human family when she first arrived to her new home.

Juliet drawing from The Diamond Thief

Today Juliet is queen of the Giammarino home and nothing like the shy tiny kitten that arrived to Teresa's home one cold December day. Juliet is also an extremely clever and affectionate cat and knows exactly how to get what she wants especially some of the family's dinner. She is spoiled by everyone with an assortment of toys that would do justice to a pet store.

Juliet's favourite pastime is eating, sleeping or going outdoors on a lead with her human family. It is almost near impossible to bring Juliet back indoors once she sets a paw out the door. She loves to run outdoors and investigate all the plants or chase the birds or anything else that moves including chasing other felines out of her garden. She never catches anything though, but this is because she is closely supervised by her human parents.

If you would like to contact Juliet direct, you may do so at Juliet's email address. Juliet loves receiving emails and hearing from other felines and humans alike so please feel free to contact Juliet at any time.

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