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Marie's Page...

Marie's Bengal cats, Amber and Jet

Marie Giammarino, Teresa's eldest daughter grew up with her sisters in the United States. Marie attended college in the United Kingdom and decided to make the United Kingdom her home. She enjoyed the different cultures in Britain and that Europe was so accessible. Marie has always loved to travel so the close proximity to Europe was an advantage.

Today, Marie resides in London, United Kingdom in an Edwardian house with her partner and her Bengal cats. Marie works from her home as a freelance website developer with her Bengal cats giving her a helping hand in all her design projects. If you would like more information on Marie's web design services, you are welcome to visit her site for web design. Marie's Bengal cats also have their own website which you may enjoy visiting. Just click their photo above.

Gazi is Marie's brainchild and also a chance for her to do something for her mother. Marie self published the books for Teresa and helped and advised Teresa from start to finish on the Gazi project. This involved editing the books, making numerous telephone calls, and sending emails to printers. She also organised the illustrator for the books, a talented English artist that she met on the Internet. Marie has tried to get people interested in Gazi and helped Teresa choose the British charity for the book profits. Finally, she put together the Gazi website so that Teresa could sell her books online. It has been very hard, but rewarding work for Marie.

Marie has many interests some of which include fashion, books, travel, gardening, art, classical music, boating, cats, tennis, computers and anything to do with the Internet. She is very interested in her family and friends and tries to keep up to date with everyone. Marie also enjoys meeting new people.

If you wish to contact Marie direct for additional information on her web services or Gazi or just to chat in general, please feel free to email Marie at any time.

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