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Our Recommended Websites...

After you finish browsing our site, why not try one of our recommended websites below. We've sorted them by category for easy selection.


Writers Resources...

Inkspot  Writers resource for writers of all ages and levels of experience.
SCBWI  Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.
Achuka  Presenting news and views about children's authors and their books.
Poets & Writers Online  Resources for creative writers.  Children's writing resource centre.
Childrens Publishers' Submission Guidelines  For writers and illustrators.
Writers Write  Resource for information about books, writing and publishing.
JBWB  Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau.
The Writers Guild of Great Britain  Organisation for professional writers.
Whitaker  The information service provider for the book industry.
Federation of Children's Books  National, voluntary organisation concerned with children and their books.
UK ISBN Agency  assigning ISBN Publisher Prefixes to publishers based in the UK or Republic of Ireland.


Feline and Other Charities...

PDSA  People's Dispensary for Sick Animals.
PDSA Gateshead  PDSA's Gateshead Fundraising Group veterinary charity.
RSPCA  Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Great Ormond Street Hospital  UK children's charity biggest specialist hospital.
Cats Protection  Oldest and largest UK feline charity.
Feline Advisory Bureau  Charity promoting feline health and welfare.
Cat Register & Rescue  Scottish charity helping stray and feral cats.
Blue Ridge Pets  Helping animals in need in the North Carolina area.
Eutha-Not Animal Shelter  Shelter promoting spaying and neutering of pets.
Oldham Cats - Dedicated to rescuing and re-homing stray, unwanted cats.
Design Aid  Free graphic design for charities.
UK Fundraising  Advice and ideas about Fundraising.


Other Websites Designed by Marie...

CelticWeb.Design  Find out all about Marie's web design services.
Marie's Bengals  Marie's Bengal cats with comprehensive breed information.
CatsInfo  All about the domestic cat with comprehensive information.
Celtic-Hammer Carpentry  Marie's Partner Terry's specialist carpentry website.
ScorpioInk  Online portfolio of freelance artist/illustrator Lilly Antoneavic.
Rubicatz Ragdolls  Breeders of quality Ragdoll Cats in Scotland.


UK Cat Fancy Registering Bodies...

GCCF  Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.
CA  The Cat Association of Britain.


International Registries...

ACFA  American Cat Fanciers Association.
TICA  The International Cat Association.
CFA  Cat Fanciers' Association, world's largest registry of pedigreed cats.


Cat Shopping...

Cat-A-Log  Cat Gifts Catalogue with everything that's feline friendly.
TopScratch  Producing a range of cat furniture made from the finest material.


Other Feline Related Websites...

Catsup  Spock and Dracs, two Siamese authors and their human friends
Kitsworld  Jez Cuer, freelance professional artist and graphic designer.
The Supreme Show  The top UK cat show for the UK's top cats.
Cat World  Britain's best loved cat magazine.
Moggies  Devoted to the health and well-being of kittens and cats everywhere.
Cat-E-Corner  A virtual community for feline lovers.
I Love Cats  The top rated cat websites.
Cat-Chat  The cats only website.
Cute Cats  The Cutest Cat Site On The Internet
The Palantir Pages  Breeder's pages mainly about cats and gardens.
Absolutely Cats  Directory of cat websites.
Kytten's Cat Crossing  Directory of UK feline websites.  Pet resources and other free stuff.
Verismo Maine Coon Cats  Learn about the patterns, colours, and personalities of the Maine coon, then checkout pictures of CFA National Winner cats.


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