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Questions... (from readers)

Teresa receives many questions from young readers of her children's books. We've collected some of her favourite questions below and put them online to share with you.

How do you get your ideas? - My ideas come from different places at different times. Most of my stories have been inside me for a long time before I actually put them on paper. Once I have an idea, I write it down so I won't forget it. Sometimes an idea immediately makes itself into a story in my head. Other times I put the idea away, but my mind doesn't ever completely forget the interesting ideas. You will notice that although my stories are fiction, many of my books feature people in my own real life. I get a lot of ideas for stories from people and animals around me. I sometimes only need to let my imagination wander and then suddenly I have an idea for a story.

When did you start writing? - I was always writing children's stories for fun when I was a young mother raising my family. I used to buy a lot of children's books for my children and always enjoyed them so much. I carried on writing children's stories when my grandchildren were born. Friends and family thought my stories were well written, interesting and imaginative and encouraged me to publish my work. It took a year for my stories to be published.

Is it hard writing a book? - It can be hard work, but it's also lots of fun. Writing and creating children's stories is an area in my life where I don't have to be an adult. I can think like a child and let my imagination loose.

What are your favourite books? - I loved all the books by Jane Austen. For children's books, I always enjoyed the Dr Suess books. My children also loved Dr Suess. His rhymes and stories were so enjoyable for readers of all ages.

Do you have any children? - I have three grown up daughters. My daughter, Marie designed my website. I also have three beautiful granddaughters who love reading my stories. I have dedicated my books to them.

Do you have any pets? - We always had animals in our home and in fact, we have had quite a few unusual pets such as a pet Lamb called Daisy. Today, I share my home with my Siamese Cat, Juliet who features in my children's books.

Do you have any hobbies? - Art is a big hobby of mine. I love visiting art galleries and collecting paintings for my home. I sometimes get inspiration for my stories through art. I enjoy spending time on my boat with my husband, Tony. We spend a good deal of the summer on our boat. I also like to read and collect books. Making time to see my family is also important to me.

What are your favourite places to visit? - Italy is a very important place to me because I was born in Italy. The cities are rich with culture. I also like visiting London, England because my daughter Marie lives there. Harrods is my favourite place to shop in London. The old buildings and architecture in England are stunning.

Are you going to write more children's stories? - I certainly hope so! I am working on a number of ideas for new children's books right now and thinking about what to write next.

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