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The Books "Captain Juliet" and "The Diamond Thief" written by Teresa Giammarino are children's fiction and for reading ages from five years old and upward. Both books are entertaining and educational for children. Teresa feels it is important to write books that children can learn something from.


Both books feature Teresa's own real life Siamese cat, Juliet. One book takes place on the yacht "Sirena" at sea and the other in the city. The author is making a donation to the PDSA to help with their primary work of caring for ill and injured pet animals each year of pet owners who could otherwise not afford the cost of veterinary treatment.

Both books are available to purchase online in the Gazi Book Shop through a secure server. They are also available through bookselling chains and Internet booksellers.

"Captain Juliet"
"The Diamond Thief"
By Teresa Giammarino

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You may read some excerpts from the books below before purchasing your books.

Captain Juliet, children's fiction by Teresa Giammarino
Captain Juliet
The Diamond Thief, children's fiction by Teresa Giammarino
The Diamond Thief

Excerpts from Captain Juliet

The Sirena glided silently back into the thick fog. Captain Tony and the crew didn't know it, but they were moving towards the ruins of the old lighthouse. As they were getting closer and closer, the sound of a bell could be heard. First of all it was very faint, but gradually it got louder and louder. The yacht "Sirena" blew her horn - poo, pooo.

Time stopped on the Sirena. Everyone stood still. There was no beginning or end. The crew on board the Sirena were holding their breath waiting for something to happen.

Copyright © 2001, Gazi


Excerpts from Diamond Thief

Juliet looked around and saw the smoke was coming from a block of apartments. She ran to them and sure enough, smoke was seeping from a crack underneath one of the doors on the first floor. Juliet ran up the fire escape until she reached the door. Juliet tried to jump for the doorknob to hold on so that she could ring the doorbell. She was very skilful at doing this. Only this time she couldn't hold on to the doorknob because it was too hot to touch because of the fire inside the apartment.

Juliet was desperate. She had to find a way to warn the people inside! Then she saw a window ledge. It gave her an idea. She jumped onto it and carefully walked along the ledge. From there she could jump onto the balcony of the apartment where the fire was. She began meowing and meowing so loudly that she awakened the couple who lived there.

Copyright © 2001, Gazi

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