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This is the page to visit to find out about all our latest news and developments to Gazi and our website. The most recent entries are on the top of the page. We will do our best to keep you posted regularly. Please feel free to bookmark this page to stay informed on all our news at Gazi.


December 2001

Juliet, the Siamese cat from children's book, Captain Juliet

We are very pleased to announce that our children's books, Captain Juliet and The Diamond Thief have arrived! Teresa is thrilled and the books look wonderful. Children will particularly enjoy the illustrations.

Teresa has been gaining quite a fan club and you can also check out some of Teresa's favourite questions from her readers on her questions page.

"Captain Juliet" and "The Diamond Thief" have arrived...
Buy Your Copy Online Now!

April - May 2001

Our Gazi books are actually taking longer than anticipated to be published. But the illustrations that we have seen so far are certainly worth the wait. Jez had done a fantastic job. Captain Juliet is now completed and The Daimond Thief is well underway. Watch this space for the latest news!

In the meantime, you might like to check out our new games on our fun page. We've added a Gazi Trival Quiz for you to test your knowledge on Gazi. It's a pretty tough quiz so give it a try. Let's see how you clever you really are!

January - February 2001

Now that the holiday period is over, it's back to work for all at Gazi. Jez Cuer, our illustrator is working together with us to get our book illustrations and layout perfect and completed for the end of January. Meanwhile, Marie has ordered the ISBN number for the Gazi books in preparation for orders from bookselling chains and Internet booksellers.

We launched our Gazi Award for Website Excellence to be given to feline, pet, animal or children related websites that provide originality and excellence in content, creativity, visual beauty and superior design. We've received quite a few eager applicants already! If you feel you have a superior website that would pass our award test, please visit our award page for more details. We would love to hear from you! We are also proud that our site has also won awards from various sources.

December 2000

The Bunny Rabbit Series

Talks are already underway for the second series of Gazi children's books. Teresa is at this time busy writing the stories at her home in the US. The second series will feature a bunny rabbit and should be out sometime next year. Watch this space for the latest news on their release.

Marie is nearly finished with the Gazi website. The page layout is complete and already new ideas are being planned for the website. Marie is organising the Gazi guestbook and a page for visitors to send to their friends and family postcards. Email addresses are being set up for the whole Gazi team. The Gazi site is also being tested on different browsers on various platforms.

The Gazi Website goes online in mid December!
Season's Greeting from all at Gazi and Best Wishes for the Year 2001!

November 2000

Books being edited

The Gazi books, Captian Juliet and The Diamond Thief are being edited and illustrated. Printers are providing estimates and the layout of the books are being organised by the illustrator, Jez Cuer. The PDSA veterinary charity is contacted and informed that all the Gazi book profits are being donated to their organisation to help with their work. They are delighted with this arrangement.

Marie is diligently working to design the Gazi website while Teresa, a novice to modern technology is experiencing the Internet for the first time. So far she is enjoying her attempts at surfing and writing and receiving email. Teresa is ecstatically delighted with the preview of her website and hopes to become an Internet expert by the time her website goes online. Juliet, the Siamese cat is also learning about email in anticipation of receiving email from visiting felines.


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