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Our Gazi Award Winners Circle Page...

Here we've listed the winners of our new GAZI AWARD for website excellence. These feline, pet, animal or children related websites have met our criteria by providing originality and excellence in content, creativity, visual beauty and superior design. We are proud to display our award on these superior websites!

If you also have a feline, pet, animal or children related website that you would like to proudly display our award on, please visit our award application page to find out what to do next. We would love to hear from you.


BulldogsOnline - The complete online Bulldog guide.
Britney British Shorthairs - Breeders of British Shorthair cats in the Netherlands.
Coconut Monkey - Site about foster kitten Tonie with animal welfare information.
True Love - About two kitties with lots more on cats.
Dream of Me - Pepper the cat and his friends.
Jazzycoon's - Breeders of stunning Maine Coon Cats in Sweden.
El Gato Lucy - Interactive story, games, classifieds, tributes, and links to cat pages.
My Kitty View - Features photos, memorial page, links, cat info, webcam, original graphics, e-greeting cards and kitty Star and friends.
Fred & Barney's Website - All about two tabbies named Fred and Barnie.
Tipzaculla Persians - Breeders of Persian cats in Bristol, UK.
Dust Ward - Info and graphics about cats with message boards, links and more.
Kitty Kitty Heaven - For anyone who loves cats with lots of photos and info.
Cat Lovers Page - A place to meet cats and their owners and make new friends.
Cats Anonymous - Private, no kill cat adoption located in south-central Ontario.
Shar-Dew Persians - Cattery breeding beautiful Persians in Southern California.
Hollyhock Persians - Cattery breeding beautiful Persians in California. - Portal site dedicated to cats and dogs.
Meow - Comprehensive site with lots of original content about cats for cat lovers.
Ayshazen - Cattery in Dorset, UK breeding stunning Bengals & European Burmese.
Kosjka's Datsja Cats - Site of Agnes Peeters for her beloved, beautiful 17 year old Siamese Cat, Youri and her eight other feline members of the family.
Catwhiskers Catnip Cafe - A site for Munchkin and all cat lovers.
Andre's Homepage - Website of Andre, the beautiful white cat with attitude.
OKeepa Maine Coons - Website of the Okeepa Maincoons bred by Brian and Teri.
Oldham Cats - Charity dedicated to rescuing and re-homing stray and unwanted cats and kittens.
Paula's World - Meet Paula and cats, one Siamese, two Balinese and one Ragdoll.
Marie's Bengals - Website of Brown Spotted Bengals, Amber & Jet and Snow Bengals, Arctic & Lunar.
Catsup - Website of Spock and Dracs, two talented Siamese authors.
ScorpioInk - Website of Shamu the Siamese cat and Monty the Tabby cat.

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